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A range of tools and services to make your life a little easier when trying to build an online customer base.

Come here to find a growing selection of software and services that might work for you - from simple utilities through Virtual Assistants to low-cost custom video assets, at affordable rates. Some will be services (SaaS) with monthly fees and some one-time payment. This list will expand as we discover and test new products. 

Virtual Assistants

A simple virtual assistant, well designed, can engage with a potential customer/client and lead them to the next engagement stage

Working around the Globe

Localisation, from a translated home page through to the complete site, can make your customer feel welcome and remove barriers to buy,

Online Services

Many simple administrative tasks can be wholly or partially automated - make life easier for yourself!

Make data connections between applications and devices to automate everyday tasks.

Try out IFTTT  using the limited free level account then...

...upgrade to Pro ($2.50/mo) or the unlimited Pro+ ($5.00/mo) level.
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